Photo Printers

Photo printers are defined as type of computer printer that can function without a computer and is capable of printing images. With the coming of digital cameras, Photo printers became popular among the users.


Some innovative inkjet photo printer manufacturers have come to produce high quality photos with additional colors such as light cyan and light magenta.

There are a lot of brands of Photo printers in the market such as HP, Canon, Kodak, and Epson and mostly used. Other than ink-jet and dye-sublimation photo printers, laser photo printers and Fuji film PG-series are the commonly used types of photo printers.

Some of the best photo printers may include:

  • HP Photosmart A826 Compact Photo Printer
  • Canon Selphy ES3 Compact Photo Printer
  • Sony FP95 Compact Photo Printer
  • Epson Stylus R800 Ink Jet Printer
  • Canon Pixma iP100 Ink Jet Printer
  • HP Photosmart D7260 Digital Photo Printer